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    What is it?

    A cozy 500 sqft live-in artist studio available to rent for 2, 3 or 4 months.

    Where is it?

    The studio is set-back on a 1.5 acre property we rent, nestled in a forest on Pender Island, B.C, Canada.

    Why is it?

    After years of offering free of charge residencies in our home, we felt the time to turn a new page. Part-time Hermit offers a place for artists to look after themselves while creating new work over a longer period of time. It also helps continue relationships within the Islands Fold community and opens possible collaborations.

    This studio has become available for us to find suited artists to rent it. We feel it’s a great opportunity for people to produce a body of new work in a semi-remote and beautiful setting.

    What’s in it for Islands Fold?

    The studio offers no monetary gain for us. We just want to be neighbors with like-mind and spirited artists, and continue the human connection that we’ve valued through Islands Fold. If we see a possibility to have an artist’s work on our online gallery, then we’d offer 70% of sales to the artist.

    How much is the studio?

    The studio rents for $600 a month plus utilities.

    When is it available?

    Sept 1st 2012 and onwards.

    Who is this best suited for?

    This will only work for artists who have financial support and stability. As an example, Part-time Hermit’s first artist in residence is a recipient of a grant that payed for 2 months rent and living expenses. The space is comfortable but isn’t large, so it’s best suited for artists who can work in smaller spaces.

    How to apply?

    Please send serious proposals and portfolio link to:



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